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Signing Off but Not Out

I hope you have enjoyed following my blog over the past few months. If so, you have the opportunity to carry on reading but on a new site.

You can access all my new blogs by logging on to  as of today March 12th 2012.


You will still be able to view my old blogs on this site for a while.


Thanks for reading.




5 day-programme

We’re bracing ourselves to deliver another intensive 5-day Train the Trainer programme. By the end of it we will be exhausted and the client will have 8 accomplished trainers who are ready to deliver key modules as part of their Culture Reshaping journey. Working with other trainers really keeps us on our toes, which is how we like it.

Under the Influence

Running an Influencing Skills workshop for a Housing association client. It’s great when people realise just how resourceful they are and how many options they have.

Is anybody there?

Running more Absence Management courses this month. One of our clients already has absence below 2% but like us, they believe that it can be and should be lower. You don’t get and keep these low levels by punishment and fear, but by creating great places to work.

Getting our Act Together

We’ve been working with a great actor, Carol Noakes, who really brought a performance management workshop to life for one of our clients.  The uncanny skill of people who are so attuned to what the situation requires, brings resonance to the role play and participants start operating at a completely different level.

Puerto Rico beckons

Off to Puerto Rico in August to deliver Lean Leadership training and run a Train the Trainer programme for a global pharmaceutical company. I’ll be there for two weeks, so any advice on what I should do at the weekend?