Give the Performance of Your Life Today…and Everyday

This round of award ceremonies is coming to a close. The Brits, the Oscars & Baftas are off to hibernate for a few months, and life returns to some semblance of normality for the rest of us.

But why should it? (dramatic pause).

‘Normal’ is a pseudonym for ‘dull’ or ‘boring’ or ‘just so-so’. It’s hardly inspiring.

Instead, I think we should be getting in shape to play our very own leading role in the performance of our company.

Work spaces are dramatic places.

  • They are alive with twists and turns and cliff-hangers.
  • They have a motley cast of characters: designers, directors, technicians, creatives; walk-ons, guest appearances, leading and supporting roles.
  • They buzz with the energy of egos rubbing up against each other.
  • They vibrate with the tension of unspoken thoughts and feelings, humming with rich sub-text.

The drama unfolds in fits and starts: one day it’s more like a soap opera; the next it starts to feel like a Danish thriller. It veers from sublime comedy to ridiculous whodunit in an instant.

So the stage is set for a great performance, and you are the person that can give it.

You don’t need to be given top-billing. You don’t need your name in lights (or on a door). You don’t need to prepare an acceptance speech or come over all emotional. You don’t even need to remember your lines because there isn’t a script.

Despite all this, you have the power to find a role that inspires you and then play it. By bringing all your strengths to bear, you can elevate your performance to levels that will inspire those around you.

So whilst the judges retire and the red carpets get their long-awaited beating, let’s get our act in gear. This time next year you could be …

whatever you want.


About Tim Lambert

Management Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Author

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